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Special Needs Martial Arts Programs in Pakenham

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Opening the door to new opportunities and life lessons that might have previously seemed inaccessible, HEENAN TAEKWONDO - PAKENHAM DOJANG takes a modern approach to teaching taekwondo to our special needs students. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

How Can Martial Arts Benefit a Child with Special Needs?

It's no secret that martial arts is one of the best activities a child can participate in. For children with special needs, the inherent structure and discipline of any martial arts class can be invaluable in introducing elements of structure and discipline into their everyday lives.

Studies have shown that the skills learned in martial arts are a perfect complement to any additional therapy sessions and resources used by children on the autism spectrum.

HEENAN TAEKWONDO - PAKENHAM DOJANG runs separate sessions for children with special needs. Get in touch with us to learn more.

Special Needs Martial Arts Programs Pakenham

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How We Can Help

HEENAN TAEKWONDO - PAKENHAM DOJANG offers a variety of classes for people with varied physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities that focus on different exercises, drills and games to improve coordination, focus, body awareness and social skills.

Our programs are suited to each student’s individual growth, and progression is shown through a specialised ranking and reinforcement system. Since each student comes in with unique strengths and goals, each achievement is recognised and celebrated to encourage confidence and further advancement of skill.

To sign up for one of our special needs programs, please contact us on the number below or through our contact form!

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pecial Needs Martial Arts Programs Officer

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